Royal Oaks Investment Group

The world of commercial financing can be complex and overwhelming on the best of days. As an investor, you might want to seize opportunities in front of you but you may not possess all the skills or the capital required for your acquisition.

Royal Oaks Investment Group is looking for smart investors who are interested in investing their capital in medium-to-long term real estate development projects. The goal of Royal Oaks Investment Group is to group interested investors, their capital, our capital, and our expertise in order to realize gains in commercial and multifamily development projects. When we invest our time and capital in the projects, you now have an experienced partner in your projects, not just an agent.

We understand that, as an investor, it is crucial to take advantage of investment opportunities when they come around. While this may be true, those opportunities can be unpredictable and may require support to realize your investment goals. With Royal Oaks Investment group we are able to leverage all of the skills and experience of those involved with Royal Oaks Realty, as well as pooled capital, to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach for the typical investor.

Our highly selective process when matching investors and properties to capital ensures clients receive the most thoroughly researched and optimal investing options so they can move forward with their acquisitions and grow their portfolios. We constantly survey the market to determine the best rates and opportunities for your needs and you can be sure we’ll help you find the opportunity that’s right for you.

Jeff Marland is a proven leader in finance, servicing Kansas City for over forty years. He is a principled and skilled negotiator, underwriter and closer. His value-added approach to real estate investment and additional experience in acquisitions, asset management, construction management, property management and accounting make each real estate transaction painless and profitable.

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